Chef Russell Auckbaraullee

Chef Russell Auckbaraullee, owner of Penthouse Catering First Mauritian and Muslim to battle on Chopped Canada. Has appeared as food judge and contestant on Menu Match-Up, The Chef Cartel Sushi FestTO. Chef Russell has been a proud brand ambassador for Halal Food Fest for 5 years. He seeks the challenge of diversity and desire for his guests “to have a new experience with food that will open them to the cultural inspirations behind each dish,”. He’s exactly something that comes directly from his Mauritian heritage, that compliments the rich multicultural food found in Toronto. His menus are not limited to a specific cuisine, but mostly a variety of international foods. Italian trained, but will always will always be a student of the trade. Earlier in his career he had managed and was the head chef of restaurants around Toronto, but now focuses on teaching and catering.

Recent co-winner at The Toronto Sushi Fest, and now teaches private sushi classes Thai cooking and Knife skills. Has appeared on multiple media outlets, tv demos, published recipes. Find them at